The Rules

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The Rules

Post by Orange G. on Sun Dec 21, 2008 11:49 am

The Rules.

1. Always Respect Others.
Respect others the way YOU want to be treated.

2. Don't Spam.
Please don't spam. Spamming will fill this forum up, and we DO not want that to happen.

3. Don't advertise.
You can only advertise in your sig.

4. No hacking/cheating discussion.

Please do not talk about this. Club Penguin is mainly for fun, NOT hacking.

4. Don't back-seat mod.
don't back-seat mod, unless you are allowed to do so. Let the staff do
their job. To help out, you can report a post, but do not BSM!!!!

5. No flaming.
DO NOT flame. This rule also goes with being respectful to other members.

Orange G.

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